For years, many of God’s people have been held captive by Satan because of sin (Self Indulging Needs) harboring in their hearts and minds. Unbound is a short novella that utilizes realistic situations with hopes of encouraging sinners to gain freedom from bondage by turning to God. It demonstrates how God searches the heart and reveals the things that have a person bound.

Unbound gives examples of how one has to take the authority given to them by God, shows how to activate their faith, and how to surrender and allow God’s power to transform them into a new creature.

Unbound tells a story of a ghetto, unsaved church secretary that falls deeply in love with her successful Pastor, Joseph L. Jenkins. After years of the two being in a relationship and hopes of one day getting married, Shanta and Pastor Jenkins’ puppy love comes to a tragic end. The tragedy of Mrs. Jenkins finding out about her husband’s infidelity. Despite the fact of the affair being known to the public, Shanta refused to give up on her first true love. Besides, what would you do if the man you believe is your husband already had a wife?

             "Mister, Are you my Daddy?"